We are Roeland and Noémi. Two young people with a passion for animals! That goats are cute animals, is a given, but for us it all started on 17 June 2018, with our first two adopted goats: Taco and Thelma.


Bokkenhof was founded in early 2021 with the idea of offering a home to other goats as well. Goats that come from all kinds of situations. A private person who can no longer take care of them, animals that were taken away from bad situations, but also other goats who simply need a new home.


Initially, we will take in new goats and cover all costs, such as deworming, castration, blood tests, etc. Once they are ready, we will look for a new home for them.


Goats that do not find new homes will continue to live with us here on the farm.



At the moment we are busy with a training at the NAC (sheep and goat farming) through the university of Ghent. With this training we want to gain a solid basic knowledge, to be well informed about diseases, housing, legislation and so on. If all goes well, we will graduate on April 8, 2021.